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Pastor of Southern Oaks United Pentecostal Church of Oklahoma City since 1996.

Purpose Institute came to Oklahoma in August of 2009!  The Oklahoma District United Pentecostal Church is commited to growing our pastors, local ministers, church leaders and congregations into a greater force for the Kingdom of God.  The Central Oklahoma Campus is at Southern Oaks UPC.  


Strategic Advanced Leadership Training (Africa)

A  man of God must:

1.  Be Devoted to God.  The Word of God must be hidden in his heart so that he doesn't sin against God.  He is faithful to church, loves to worship, loves the brotherhood, supports the ministry and is a witness of the goodness of God.

2.  Be a man of Integrity.  His character should reflect the character of His God.  He should have clean hands, a pure heart and be disciplined in the eye and mind.

3.  Be a man of good habits.  Should be consistent in his work, relationships and devotion.

THIS kind of man will excel in business, family and church.  He will be a leader without requiring the "office " and recognition as such.